Body in Balance

Ease of movement - Upright - Pain free

The Bodilance® - Methode provides answers to the question:

What causes problems in our body when we move? And what is the role of the connective tissue, the myofascial system?

Petra Kunz Blunert has found that our myofascial lines – the interlinked continuities of the musculoskeletal system – function in a dynamic way throughout the body. She has described for the first time her revolutionary discovery: a key to the directional way in which this system of muscles and fasciae operates. It works in opposing directions, like a set of pulleys. From this, Petra developed her own technique: Bodilance® (Body in balance).

The aim is to reactivate our body’s own natural, harmonious movement system. This includes giving corrective impulses along these functional (fascial) lines, restoring static balance and establishing economical movement, free from excessive physical effort and so without pain. Bodilance® can also help us eliminate damaging postural habits and reorganize all aspects of physical movement.

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Principles and practice

Bodilance® - Principles and practice
4th revised edition 2019

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Bodilance® und Alexandertechnik sind Methoden für die Körper- und Bewegungsschulung und ersetzten keine medizinische Behandlung. Sie sollen auch keine laufenden Behandlungen medizinischer oder psychotherapeutischer Art ersetzen. Die Verantwortung für die medizinische Versorgung liegt allein bei Ihnen und Ihrem Arzt.